Fae Farm- How To Plant Trees And Hybrid Trees

Fae FarmWe all have learned from the hardship that growing plants and trees are possible in the Fae Farm. Naturally, as we progressed through the game, we learned that hybrid plants or flowers can be grown on your farm. It required a little bit of additional work, however, do you know that you can grow hybrid trees as well? If you are curious and learn to grow fruit trees and hybrid trees as well then read it to the end.

How To Plant Trees To Get Seasonal Fruits In Fae Farm?

Planting trees requires you to have a Tree Sapling in your possession. So, go to the Vendor Willow, purchase the Tree Saplings, and return back to your farm. Now, enter the Build Mode and plant the tree sapling in your farm plot. Water it and wait till it grows big. The seasonal trees will grow fruits during the appropriate season i.e. Pears in Summer, Apples in Autumn, and so on.

How To Plant Hybrid Trees In Fae Farm?

To plant hybrid trees or get a bunch of saplings from a tree then you will most importantly need a Queen Bee. Queen Bees can be found on the Fae Realm easily along with Worker Bees. Now place a Propagation Hive on your farm which can be crafted. After placing the Propagation Hive in the middle, all you need is to plant different types of trees in the corner. Most importantly leave the fruits on the tree and do not collect them as they will remain throughout the season.

Breeding or Hybrid Trees are only possible when you have a Propagation Hive and Worker Bees inside it. The trees need to be blooming with fruits and after each day or two, you will find new Saplings on the ground. As we know the fruits will be harvested in the specific season but the saplings will be dropped in any season by this method as long as there are fruits on the tree.

There are chances of obtaining new fruit saplings from the trees, so that’s one thing you can look forward to apart from the unlimited tree farm. However, each day a Worker Bee will be exhausted from the Propagation Hive, so do keep that in check.

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