Fae Farm- How To Get Sardines Location Guide For Neppy’s Quest

Fae FarmIn the Fae Farm, we have to explore and complete all different types of quests which require us more attention than others. Similarly, there are a bunch of items that you need to gather to complete the Neppy’s Quest i.e. A Watery Wonder. One of the hardest of all the items that we needed to collect from Steamed Fish, Sand Dollar, Coral, Sardine, and Diced Roots was 3 Sardine. So, if you are also stuck and require assistance about where you can find the Sardines then this guide is for you.

How And Where To Get Sardines To Complete Neppy’s Quest: A Watery Wonder In Fae Farm?

Close to the Saltwater Mines would be Beach. Sardines are blue-colored thin and sparkly fish that can be gathered from the water areas on Beach via Fishing. Similarly, Sand Dollar and Corals can be found in the Beach area.

The rest of the items such as Steamed Fish and Diced Roots can be easily prepared on Cooking Hearth and Food Prep Table. Sardines were hard to locate as there are various types of fish in the Beach. However, you know what specific type of fish you are looking for then the task itself gets simplified. All the required Sardines can be found in the Beach water.

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