Destiny 2- How To Open Secret Hidden Chests In The Coil

Destiny 2Destiny 2 new Season of the Wish introduces a bunch of objectives that are required to be completed in order to get plentiful rewards. In The Coil, you are required to activate all three Plates in order to open the Portal. However, there are hidden chests placed behind the doors which says that “Requires Higher Score” in the hope of opening it. How to get the higher score and unlock the door in the process of unlocking the secret hidden chests.

How To Open The Secret Hidden Chests In The Coil At Destiny 2?

The Higher Score or the score that counts toward opening the huge door is by collecting the shards. For each run, you will encounter enemies who will drop the shards. However, this is not the only process of getting shards as it will not be enough to open the doors.

There would be glowing pots scattered around the maps hidden in plain sight. Do not ignore and blast it off to collect the Shards that are dropped. Keep on collecting the shards and once you have enough Shards to open the door, there will be a notification that will pop out on your screen below saying “A secret chest lies in wait…

Inside the Door, you will find two chests. One chest would be fake and can be easily distinguished after looking at the ground. The fake chest will have holes in the ground from where the trap will trigger, whereas the real chest will be placed on the normal ground. Open the chest and collect all the exciting rewards to advance further in the Pathway.

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