Destiny 2- How To Get And Use Lair Keys For Season Of The Wish

Destiny 2Lair Key is a new key in Destiny 2 that has been added during the Season of the Wish. New players might be wondering what this Lair Key is supposed to open. Is it necessary to have a Lair Key to complete the event? Or preferably how to get these Lair Keys quickly? Every question is answered in this guide.

How To Get And Use Lair Keys For Season Of The Wish In Destiny 2?

Lair Keys are consumed i.e. used automatically whenever you open final loots or Lair Chests at The Coil or Riven’s Lair. These are used to simply upgrade the type of loot or improve the reward drops from the Chests. Better gears, weapons, and Engrams can be obtained if a Lair key is in your possession. Without the Lair Keys, drops can still be obtained.

There are multiple ways in which you can obtain Lair Keys. Play through the Seasonal Activities and clear pathways of the Riven’s Lair and The Coil. Clearing Pathways can reward you with the Lair Keys. You can participate in Gambit, Vanguard Ops, and Crucible to complete which has the potential to drop Lair Keys. However, the drop rates are quite low compared to the Seasonal activities.

There is an instant reward for progressing to certain levels in Season Pass at Season of the Wish. Leveling up with the Spirit of Riven vendor will earn you a few Lair Keys at 3rd and 5th rank up. The chest drops Lair Key but the drop rate is considerably low.

Once you keep on playing the seasonal activities and focus on getting the platinum score on The Coil. There would be enough Lair Keys in your possession for completing multiple events and activities at the time when you will stop worrying or thinking about it.

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