Orten Was The Case follow bootlicker footsteps & use baseball bat

Orten Was The Case

In Orten Was The Case, you will get a mission to follow the bootlicker’s footsteps. In that mission, you will need the baseball bat to defeat a boss. The take a close look at the bootlicker’s body, you need to enter the sewer and go through the sluice gate. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find the sluice gate and where to use the baseball bat.

Follow Bootlicker Footsteps & Take A Close Look At Body

After locating and searching the Bootlicker apartment, you will get a mission to follow Bootlicker Footsteps and take a close look at the body. While completing the Mekonen quest you will find a torn piece of paper.

To complete the instruction manual you need to find the other half of the paper in Bootlicker apartment. Once the instruction is completed, you need to head into the sewer and turn the MU 1 pipe wheel.

This will open the sluice gate for 15 seconds. You need to pass through the gate to reach the bootlicker’s body and take a closer look. There you will find the safe key. Check the image above to find the location of the sluice gate.

Orten Was The Case Where To Use Baseball Bat

After finding the Bootlicker’s body, you will have to enter the lab to fight the boss spider “Ocho”. To defeat the spider boss, you need to hit him with your baseball bat and dodge its attack. You will find the baseball bat while helping Shaiko quest.


In the basement of the residential building on the left side, you will find lockers. In one of the open lockers, you will find the baseball bat. Make sure to pick up this bat to help defeat the spider boss easily. If you don’t have the baseball bat, you will have to attack with your leg to defeat the boss.

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