Orten Was The Case Find & Help Shaiko

Orten Was The Case

Orten Was The Case is a time loop action-adventure open-world game where you need to save the town from destruction. After starting the game the first quest you will get is to find and help Shaiko.

Shaiko can be found in the bike cellar, but to enter the cellar you will either need to open the locked door by getting the code or get inside the building apartment from the window. Below you will find how to enter the building from the window.

Orten Was The Case Find & Help Shaiko

Once you are out of your home after the game starts, you can find Shaiko waving at you from the small sewer gate. After that, you need to reach the bike cellar to find Shaiko. If you already have the locked door code, you can enter from the door and go to the bike cellar.

If you haven’t got the door code yet, you can climb up the building apartment from the window as marked in the image above. Climb up from the locked garage and then enter the first-floor apartment from the window.

Get out of the apartment from the main door and go downstairs towards the basement. In the basement left side, you can find a locker and a baseball bat. On the right side, you will find the bike cellar and find Shaiko. After finding Shaiko help him to move the object to find the key.

Then follow Shaiko to a room to obtain the ziplock bag. You need to take the ziplock bag outside and put it in a blue sandbox beside the Lilla Farsta. Check out the image above to find the exact location of the blue sandbox.

After getting the ziplock bag, you can’t get outside from the same window you entered the building as there will be a police to catch you. To exit the building safely, you need to reach the second floor and take the maintenance room stairs as marked in the image above.

There you will find a hole as shown in the image above. Drop down from the hole and exit through the door safely. Then visit the blue sandbox and place the ziplock bag. After some time a guy in the wheelchair will arrive, take the ziplock bag, and put some money in its place. Take the money back to Shaiko to complete the quest.

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