Orten Was The Case Enter Bootlicker Apartment & Find Debit Card

Orten Was The Case

In Orten Was The Case, you can interact with various objects in the open world. One of the objects you will find at the start of the game is the ATM machine. Interacting with it will give a message that you will need a debit card.

To get the debit card you need to enter the Bootlicker apartment. You will find the bootlicker’s body in the sewers while doing the “The Backjump” quest. While escaping with Mekonen from the police you will find the Bootlicker Body.

After finding the body, you need to ask Mekonen’s grandmother about the body. She will reveal that Bootlicker lives in the second-floor apartment of the residential building. You cannot enter the Bootlicker apartment from the front door as it will be locked. Below you will find a path to enter the bootlicker apartment and find the debit card.

Orten Was The Case Enter Bootlicker Apartment & Find Debit Card

To locate the Bootlicker apartment, you will have to climb up the building roof above the open window to get inside the first-floor apartment. You will have to peek through three windows and find the hole through which you can enter the apartment. Check the image above to find the three windows from which you need to peek.

After peeking from the bathroom window, you will notice an area on the ceiling of the bathroom through which you can enter the apartment. You need to climb up the ladders and reach the stairs with a purple pipeline as shown in the image above.

Jump down from the purple pipeline to enter the bootlicker apartment. Inside the apartment, you will find the debit card on the table that can be used in the ATM machine outside.

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