Orten Was The Case Door Code & How To Use Building Elevator

Orten Was The Case

In Orten Was The Case, you will be using the time loop power to find a shortcut passage. One of the shortcuts to inside the building is to open the locked door.  To find the door code, you need to find and interact with Manneleine. He is the construction worker sitting on top of the bus.

You can find him at the start of the game. After interacting with Manneleine, you will find that he lost his nails which you need to find. Below you will find where to find the nails and get the door code.

Orten Was The Case Door Code & How To Find It

Just from the starting area go towards the right and you will find the nails on the ground beside the telephone booth. After getting the nails, give them to Manneleine, so that he can start his work. You need to follow him by climbing the houses to the top to obtain the code.

First, climb the ladder and enter the building through the door. Once you are inside the building, go down the stairs to reach the third floor. There you will find two stairs that lead to the upper floor. From one of the stairs you came down, you need to take the other one that will lead you to the third floor. Check the image above and below for the exact directions.

On the third floor, you will find an item called “Paint Brush”. Go towards the right side to find a hallway after getting the paintbrush. From the hallway, you can have a view of the outside and can find Manneleine on the rooftop.

Climb out of the hallway window and use the ladders to reach Manneleine. Give him the paintbrush and follow him a bit more to climb up the ladders till you reach the elevator. Then interact with him to find the door code. My door code was “2750”, your’s can be different.

After getting the door code, enter the building by opening the door. Interact with the man in front of the elevator to give him a little push so that the elevator door can be closed and you can use the elevator again.

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