Roblox Blade Ball- How To Get Death Slash Ability

Roblox Blade BallRoblox Blade Ball Winter Update has brought all new and veteran players back to the game to collect all the exciting rewards. Though, the show-stealer of the new Winter Event is none other than the new Ability “Death Slash“. So, if you are troubled and learn how to get the new Death Slash ability then read it to the end for complete information.

How To Get Death Slash Ability In Roblox Blade Ball?

To get the new Death Slash ability, you will be required to collect all these 3 Winter Gacha Items i.e. mentioned below from the Winter Spin.

  • Glacial Scythe
  • Ice Dagger
  • Titan Blade

However, getting all the unique items is not an easy task. To get these Winter Gacha Items, you will be required to enter the Winter Spin and use Snowflakes coin to spin the gacha. Then land on the Basic Raffle i.e. Purple Crate which has a very low chance of 3%.

Finally, once you have obtained the Basic Raffle or purple crate, you will be allowed to participate in an Epic Raffle that consists of 4 items i.e. mentioned below:

  • Emote (Drop chance 34%)
  • Glacial Scythe (Drop chance 19%)
  • Ice Dagger (Drop chance 42%)
  • Titan Blade (Drop chance 5%)

Collect all the required items and you will obtain the Death Slash ability. If timed correctly Death Slash increases the ball speed greatly and reduces the cooldown to take down the opponents easily. For more informative guides on Roblox Blade Ball, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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