Roblox Anime Champions Simulator get & use orb enhancers fast

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator is a Roblox simulation game where you need to unlock anime champions, upgrade them, and defeat enemies by clicking on them. The battle will be auto and after defeating an enemy you will earn some coins.

You can unlock anime champions by spending these coins on the orb machine. You will have a random chance of unlocking a particular anime champion. To increase the drop rate you can use the new item Orb Enhancer. Below you will find how to get and where to use the Orb Enhancer.

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator How To Get & Use Orb Enhancers Fast

Orb Enhancers are the items that increase the luck of getting better anime champions from the orb machine. While interacting with the orb machine, you can find the characters you can unlock by using the gold coins.

In the orb machine, you can find different characters in different worlds. Each of these characters has its own rarity and the rarest anime characters have a very low drop chance. To unlock a character, you need to interact with the orb machine and spend gold coins to open a box.

You will get an anime champion depending on your luck. The rarest anime champions will only have a  drop rate of 0.3 or 0.4%. But with the latest update, the devs have added the Orb Enhancers, which can upgrade the orb machine and increase the chances of obtaining rare anime characters.

Each time you upgrade an orb machine, the cost to buy the anime champions will be doubled. With each upgrade, you will increase the chances of a drop rate by 20%. You can increase the orb machine 15 times; with each upgrade, you need to spend double the orb enhancers.

For example, to upgrade the machine to level 2 you will need 1x Orb Enhancer and to upgrade to level 3 you will need 2x Orb Enhancers, and so on. For now, orb enhancers can be obtained by completing daily quests. Every day you will be able to earn 1x Orb Enhancer for free.

Currently, this is the only way to obtain the orb enhancers for free. You can buy the orb enhancer pack by using Robux coins to get 5x Orb Enhancers. In the future, the dev might add some codes to get free Orb enhancers.

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