Lethal Company- How To Change Suit

Lethal CompanyExploration in a dangerous environment is a job description for all the Interns who collect useful scraps from each Moon that inhabits unknown creatures and monsters at Lethal Company. There are equipments and gears which will ease the difficulty of moving around and let you survive even in the most dire situations. However, even getting entangled in the most dangerous place with other players or friends, one cannot ignore the drip.

How To Change Suit At Lethal Company?

There are a total of 4 suits in the game that can be owned. The first suit will be unlocked from the beginning which is your default Orange suit. The final 3 suits need to be in your possession i.e. Green Suit, Pajama Suit, and Hazard Suit.

To get the suits, you will need to check in the Terminal and scroll in the store. Each week only one type of suit will be available as it is listed in ship decor that rotates per quota. The cost of each suit is as follows:

  • Green Suit (Price: 60 Creds)
  • Pajama Suit (Price: 900 Creds)
  • Hazard Suit (Price: 90 Creds)

To purchase the suit, type in the type of suit and add the “buy” command at the end, for example: “hazard suit buy“. Once you have purchased the suit, it will showcased in your hanger where you can change it by simply clicking on the desired outfit.

Get out with your unique choice of outfit and get baited by your teammates. For more informative and beginner guides on Lethal Company, check on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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