Backpack Hero High Defense Build

Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero is a roguelike indie game where you need to complete a quest by exploring dungeons. You need to manage the items in the limited backpack space. Each time you level up, you will gain extra space in your backpack.

Items are dropped after winning the combat or from treasure boxes. You can also buy the items from NPC. The items from treasure boxes and after combats are random. Each item in this game is unique and has some specific requirements and stats. You need to place these items accordingly to get the best result. Below you will find a brief guide on high defense build.

Backpack Hero High Defense Build

Sometimes defense can be your best offense in this game. To deal damage to your opponent while defending, you can forge spikes into your shield. By forging spikes to your active shield, each time you use the shield, you will gain some spike stats. There are some passive shields like Tunic and chainmail that can be placed together to increase your defense.

Opponents attacking you will get damage reflected by the number of spikes stats you have. After every turn, 1 spike will be reduced, but if you have spikes added to your active shield, you can increase spikes by using the shield.

To add spikes to an active shield you need to visit a forge and spend 18 coins. This will add +2 spikes to your shield and you can upgrade them as many times as you want in endless mode. There is an item called “Mouse Wood”, that gives you +1 energy for each 5 empty spaces you have in your backpack.

You also need to add +1 haste to your active shield. This way every round you could accumulate at least 3 haste. Every round you will lose 1 haste but gain +3. Haste increases the number of armor you get every round from the shields. You can add haste to your shield by visiting a forge.

You can also hold items that increase your spikes count and give you a haste boost. As you can see in the image above, I have 1000+ spikes, +94 haste, and 900+ armor. Each time I will use the active shield, I will gain +94 armor due to haste.

The opponent attacking me will take 1084 damage due to the spikes. So for the best defense build, try to get haste and spikes on your active shield. This way you will increase your spikes, haste, and shield in every move.

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