Lethal Company Tips & Tricks To Survive

Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a co-op game that can be played among 4 players. You can also play with a party with more than 4 but for that you need to install additional mods. The objective of the game is to visit different moons and find items with value to sell and meet Company quote. Below you will find a brief guide on few tips that will help you survive better.

Lethal Company Tips & Tricks To Survive

You need to keep some spare scraps in your ship and not sell them all at once. Because as the days go on, the company quota also increases. Having some spare loot helps you meet the quota on some unfortunate days. But if all the crew mates die in the facility, the scraps stored in the ship will be lost.

Make sure to enter the facility as quickly as possible and loot as much as you can. After 17:00 PM, it will be dark and you will find some lethal monsters outside the facility. Check the ground before jumping out of the ship during the rainy weather as you might get stuck in quicksand.

The items inside the facility can have different values even if they are the same item. You can scan the loot to find the value and make a mental note of the value of items you are carrying.

Once your inventory is full, you can drop the items just outside the facility door. Keeping the items inside the facility can attract hoarding bug that will steal your items.

You can throw items down from the fire exit ladder. This way you don’t have to go all the way down and climb up multiple times. You can also get an extended ladder, and place them vertically to drop items down easily.

Split your survival items among your crewmates, while some can hold attack items like shovel and stop signs, others can carry survival items like lock pick and zap gun. You can check out our previous guide on list of all enemies and how to avoid them.

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