Lethal Company How To Safely Get A Bee Hive To Your Ship

Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, the most dangerous thing apart from the monsters you find on the moon is not meeting the Company quota. You need to steal scraps and items to collect credits in order to meet the quote. One of the treasures you can find on the moon is the beehive.

These beehive sells for 100 credits but stealing them can be a risky task. The circuit bees that hover around the bee hive will attack anyone who goes near their home. Once the swarm of bees catches up, you will be dead within seconds. Below you will find a brief guide on how to steal these bee hives solo or with crewmates.

Lethal Company How To Safely Get A Bee Hive To Your Ship

Steal Bee Hive With Crewmate

The circuit bees have a radius around the beehive, and if anyone enters the radius, they will start being aggressive and attack them. To steal the beehive with a crewmate, one of you needs to be the bait, taking aggro on the bees, while the other members come from the opposite side and steal the beehive.

Then run as fast as you can towards the ship. Make sure you have no items with you except the beehive so that you can run faster.

Steal Bee Hive Solo

To steal the bee hive solo, you need to enter the radius so that the bees start chasing you. Make a quarter circle run around the radius and run towards the bee hive. Quickly pick it up and run towards the ship.

Once you reach the ship, drop the bee hive on it, get inside the ship, and close the door. Then start the ship and as the ship moves forward, the bees will be left behind. The bee hive will still be on your ship that you can take inside.

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