Lethal Company How To Move & Store Objects On The Ship

Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, you will discover various scraps and junk that can be looted and sold. You must bring these scraps to your ship from different moons. While you can store these items in your ship, having too many items and too little space can make it challenging to move around in co-op mode.

You have the ability to move, remove, and store any object inside your ship. Doing so will create more space for movement. Additionally, you can rearrange the space to form a barricade near the entrance. Below, you will find instructions on how to move, store, and rearrange objects in the game.

Lethal Company How To Move & Store Objects On The Ship

In this game, you can rearrange furniture, posters, and terminals in your ship. To move objects in your ship you need to press the keyboard button “B”. Look at the furniture or object that you move in the ship and press the button.

This will put the object into arrange mode, you can move around and use your mouse in a position to place the object. You can rotate the objects by pressing the “R” button on the keyboard and store them by pressing the “X” button.

After finding the suitable location, you need to press the “B” button again to place the object. You can do the same with the posters inside the ship. Ship terminals and radar positions can be changed by using the button mentioned above.

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