Invincible Presents Atom Eve 100% Achievement Guide

Invincible Presents Atom Eve

Invincible Presents Atom Eve is an adventure-action visual novel game where you can experience the teen life of Atom Eve. Atom Eve is a character from Invincible that has the power to manipulate energy. There is a total of 35 achievements that you need to unlock to complete the game 100%. Below you will find the list of all achievements.

Invincible Presents Atom Eve 100% Achievement Guide

  • Revelation – Complete Chapter 1
  • Back To School – Complete Chapter 2
  • Pajama Boy – Complete Chapter 3
  • The Bomb – Complete Chapter 4
  • Bad Chemistry – Complete Chapter 5
  • Betrayal – Complete Chapter 6
  • Renewal – Complete Chapter 7
  • Absences & Allies – Complete Chapter 8
  • Prisoner Dilemma – Complete Chapter 9
  • Together We Fight – Complete Chapter 10
  • One Track Mind – Unlock all attributes in a single skill tree
  • Versatile – Unlock a cross-attribute skill by unlocking two skill trees simultaneously.
  • Signature Style – Choose a perk-specific response 5 times.
  • Let It Out – Scream 5 times in a single playthrough. You can do this at the pond or canyon.
  • Foodie – Transform food 3 times in a single playthrough.
  • The High Road – Diffuse an argument with Mom and Dad. You can do this by unlocking skills in the Empath skill tree.
  • Emergency Service – Save the ambulance. You can do this by using glue on the falling ambulance twice while fighting on the bridge.
  • Think Fast – Save Todd’s life. Choose to save Todd when facing him with a bomb and the last option about the class.
  • Family History – Learn about Mom’s past. Unlock the Empath skill tree attributes and interact with your mom by showing interest. You will get the chance at a later part of the game, at home with Mom and Rex you unlock this achievement.
  • Live With It – Save Hiles life. Spare her and diffuse the bomb.
  • Trust Fall – Reveal your identity to Amber and William. At the later part of the game all three will be having dinner, you can reveal the information at that time.
  • Higher Education – Took every chance to complete a college application.
  • Swiped Right – Kiss both Mark and Rex in a single playthrough. You can do this by dating Rex first, then breaking up and dating Mark. Bring Mark to your tree house to unlock the achievement.
  • Just Friends – Do not kiss Mark or Rex.
  • Jailbreaker – Successfully infiltrate the GDA prison.
  • Diplomat – Recruit Rex for the final battle. You need to accept Robot and Kate’s help, choose to forgive Rex and after meeting him for dinner, you can recruit him.
  • People Person – Befriend Amber. You can unlock this by avoiding flirting with Mark. After revealing your identity to Amber and William, you can take Amber to the pond and befriend her.
  • Hugger – Hug 7 times in a single playthrough.
  • No Holding Back – Use a fully charged Ray attack
  • Sticky Situation – Use Glue to prevent an enemy attack 5 times.
  • Right Back At You – Eliminate an enemy with a shield break. You can unlock this by damaging enemies and lowering their health to as low as possible. Then put up your shield and when it breaks, you will unlock the achievement.
  • Energy Efficient – Eliminate 2 or more enemies with a single attack. You can do this by unlocking the darts skill from the fiery skill tree. You can lower the HP of two enemies and then use dart skill to finish them.
  • Respect the Canon – Lose Against Killcannon 3 times.
  • Crime Fighter – Complete all optional fights in a single playthrough
  • Invincible – Complete a single playthrough without dying.

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