Genshin Impact- Efficient Signal Distribution Solution

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact Motherboard Troubleshooting there are a series of challenges that you need to complete in order to debug the Motherboard successfully. Each challenge has its own difficulty level where you need to create a complete series structure that includes no overlapping and a limited number of circuit usage. If you are wondering how to solve the fifth challenge i.e. Efficient Signal Distribution then we have it covered in this guide.

Efficient Signal Distribution Solution At Genshin Impact

The components applicable in this circuit would be Multi-Circuits and Branching Paths. The placement of the inductive switch might have increased the difficulty level as there are only 15 equipable circuit limits available. To solve the Efficient Signal Distribution, refer to the image where we have provided the final solution of the circuit to successfully complete the debugging process.

Genshin ImpactAs the path for 1 and 2 is already predetermined, all you need to do is trace the wire or line from the missing end to the branching paths and diverge from there to the finish lines as shown in the image. This will solve the challenge and you can proceed ahead for the next upcoming challenge i.e. Precise Sequential Ranking.

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