Genshin Impact- Comprehensive Control And Mastery Solution

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, the final challenge of the Debug Motherboard quest is Comprehensive Control and Mastery. Learned from all the previous tasks and quests, we have to lay down the path in such a way that it should not interfere with each other. Precise timing is required in order to use the same branching path which leads to both ends. Therefore, if you are seeking a Comprehensive Control and Mastery solution guide then this post is for you.

Comprehensive Control And Mastery Solution For Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures In Genshin Impact

Point 2 is much closer to reach compared to Point 1, therefore we need to lay down the groundwork in such a way that after the Point 2 bot crosses the Branching Point, the 1st Point bot will then reach the inductive switch to flip the Branching Path on the other side.

Genshin ImpactAs shown in the image above, this will be the most efficient debugging process you can get in Comprehensive Control and Mastery. Just connect the circuit as shown and the reward is yours to claim. To check all the Debug Motherboard Quest efficient solutions then check on the previous guides we have posted.

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