Genshin Impact- Asynchronous Signal Processing Puzzle Solution

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, there are a total of 8 challenges in Debug Motherboard which we need to complete before Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures Event ends. The challenge gets tough as you keep on solving and going forward to the next challenges. The seventh challenge of the Motherboard Troubleshooting edition is “Asynchronous Signal Processing“. If you are searching for the solution of the seventh challenge then we have it covered in this guide.

Asynchronous Signal Processing Puzzle Solution At Genshin Impact

The Asynchronous Signal Processing requires you to control the timing of when the penguin clockwork bots will reach the inductive switches to change the track of the Branching Paths. This will help you lead to the appropriate destinations of each clockwork bot. Calculate the square grid or circuit you are using to control the pace or time in which the Point 2 penguin will cross the intersection.

Genshin Impact

As shown in the image above, this will be the most efficient way to solve the debugging process of the seventh circuit challenge. Once solved, you can grab the reward and go on to complete the final challenge of the Debug Motherboard challenge.

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