Backpack Hero- How To Remove Curses

Backpack HeroThe all-new indie roguelite Backpack Hero is on the scene and players are managing their inventory and dueling against the monsters who lurk in the dungeons. Similar to any roguelike game, the items you obtain are randomized therefore, for each run you can experiment and have different builds. Old items are replaced with new and stronger items.

When exposed to different types of monsters, you will need to be prepared to counter any type of skills and emerge victorious from the encounter. But, what about the curses that we find on the items? How to deal with that and how to cleanse it?

How To Remove Curses In Backpack Hero?

The items or events that you find, can be cursed at times. We must have learned that these cursed items come with better stats and effects however, it has a drawback that might render your adjacent items useless or reduce your HP. Furthermore leaving the curse will trigger a curse counter. So, to clear or remove the curses there are only two known ways. First, you will need to cleanse the cursed items. Second, you will need to destroy the cursed items.

To cleanse the cursed items, you will be required to use Lantern or Lil Lamp. Other than that you can approach the Healer and remove all the curses. However, destroying the cursed items is also an option that allows you to destroy the items without any negative effects. Cursed items are also items therefore, they can be destroyed via Dynamite, Shady Trader, Chester, Pouch, and Item Modifiers such as Bombstone.

Cursed Items may maybe dangerous items but they can be handled with care and precision. Inventory Management is the goal of the game, so if you have a backpack that is full of items that are not hindered by the cursed items then you can venture into the adventure without any difficulties.

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