Lords Of The Fallen Way Of The Bucket Update Quest Guide

Lords Of The Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen recently got a new update and in this update, you will find a new quest from the Bucketlord NPC. After completing the quest, you will also obtain the Bucketlord’s special weapon called “Gilded Bucket”. In this quest, you need to find 12 Pride Of The Bucketlord’s item and give it to the Bucketlord NPC. Below you will find a walkthrough on how to start the quest where to find 12 items and a secret weapon.

Lords Of The Fallen Way Of The Bucket Update Quest Guide

To start the Bucketlord quest, you need first obtain the “Bucketlord Salute” gesture. You can find this gesture by teleporting to the Vestige of Chabui. From there go outside then towards the left. There you will find a lot of wooden crates that you need to break. After breaking them you will find the Bucketlord Salute emote.

Then from the Vestige of Chabui, look back to find a stair and keep progressing till you find the Bucketlord NPC. If you try to interact with the NPC, you will be greeted with just “…”. You need to equip three emotes, and a bucket weapon and perform them in front of the NPC.

Unequip all the armor and weapon except for the “Broken Bucket”. Now equip the three gestures which are “Greeting”, “Pointing Downward”, and “Bucketlord’s Salute”. Perform three emotes in front of the NPC and then interact to start the quest.

Lords Of The Fallen Way Of The Bucket 12  Pride Of The Bucketlords Location

To complete the quest, you need to find 12 “Pride Of The Bucketlord’s” items and give them to the Bucketlord NPC. Make sure you do not collect more than 4 at a time. Once you have collected 4 Pride Of The Bucketlords, head back to Bucketlord NPC and give it to them.

You can obtain the Pride Of The Bucketlords by defeating bosses in different areas. If you have already defeated the bosses, you can just revisit the area to find the Pride Of The Bucketlords item nearby on the ground. The locations of these bosses are:

  1. Scourged Sister Delyth – Lower floors of the Pilgrim Perch.
  2. Gentle Gaverus Mistress Of Hounds – Found in Pilgrim Perch.
  3. Crimson Rector Percival – Found in Fitzroy’s Gorge. Progressing too far in the game will lock you out of the fight and you won’t be able to obtain the Pride Of The Bucketlord.
  4. Ruiner – Found in Fitzroy’s Gorge bridge area.
  5. The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity – Teleport to the Vestige of Blind Agatha and progress through the bell door to find the boss.
  6. Kinrangr Guardian Folard – Teleport to the Vestige of Marco the Axe and progress through the bell door to enter a cave and find a water area with a wolf. There you will find this boss that you need to defeat.
  7. Griefbound Rowena – In Fief of the Chill Curse you will find this boss.
  8. Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho – Found in the tower of penance on the bridge before entering the tower.
  9. Abbess Ursula – Found in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. Start from the Vestige of Rosamund and you will find this boss.
  10. Skinstealer – Found in the Cistern area just before the elevator that goes to upper Calrath.
  11. Infernal Enchantress – You will find this boss in the Lower Carath near a big bonfire that can be found by teleporting to the Vestige of Sebastian.
  12. Abiding Defenders – Found in Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. From the locked door that needs Abbot Vernoff’s key, look back to find stairs on the left. Progress through the stairs and instead of getting inside the castle, go towards the right open octagon side area to find the boss.

After giving all the Pride Of The Bucketlords items to the Bucketlords NPC, head over to the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch in Lower Calrath. Keep progressing till you reach an area with a big burning tree and Ruiner enemy. On the left side of the burning tree, you will find a slope that will lead you to a secret room filled with buckets. In that room, you will find the Bucketlord’s NPC weapon called “Gilded Bucket”.

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