Genshin Impact- Basic Circuit Structure Solution

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact there is a new ongoing challenge or quest going on in the name of Motherboard Troubleshooting. During the attempt of Motherboard Debugging, you will be required to complete all the sets of challenges. The first challenge will take you to the basics where you will be given to solve and complete the Basic Circuit Structure. Here’s everything you need to know about solving it.

Basic Circuit Structure Solution For Genshin Impact

In Motherboard Troubleshooting, the 1st challenge would be to complete the Basic Circuit Structure that requires you to fix the Broken Circuits. There are only a limited number of Equippable Circuits provided in a challenge that you can use in order to solve the debugging process. Therefore, choose the efficient path and lead it to the goal.

The Switch will be open at the beginning and to close the Switch, you will need to place/pass the circuit in such a way that the button or star platform is activated. After that lay down the broken circuits and complete the Basic Circuit Structure.

Basic Circuit Structure

Genshin Impact

Beginner Open/Closed Principle

Genshin ImpactThe challenges are pretty easy and the gameplay tutorial assists you throughout the whole process. However, if you are still confused then the image shown above for the Basic Circuit Structure as well as the next Beginner Open/Closed Principle.

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