Disney Speedstorm- How To Get Steamboat Mickey For Free

Disney SpeedstormDisney Speedstorm is a kart racing game where familiar characters from the Disney universe are on the roster. Once the Racers are unlocked in this free-to-play game, you will be able to equip and join the tracks against other Disney characters. Each Racer has a set of abilities and perks that are used strategically to bamboozle your competitors and cross the finish line before other players.

One of the rarest Racers, Steamboat Mickey has returned back, and those who have not yet unlocked one should not miss this opportunity. The reward is time-limted so buckle up and shift the gear as Steamboat Mickey joins your crew.

How To Get Steamboat Mickey Racer For Free In Disney Speedstorm?

Steamboat Mickey can be unlocked after participating in the time-limited season events i.e. Seasoned Captains and Whistle Up. In the objective section of the “Seasoned Captains“, you can earn Steamboat Mickey shards in the Newcomer and Apprentice Levels. All you need to have is a Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck at Level 16 to access all the race difficulty up to Advanced for Steamboat Mickey. Completing objectives and reaching the milestones will also earn you shards of Steamboat Mickey.

On the Whistle Up event, you can obtain an Epic Crew member i.e. Caroline Cow for the Steamboat Mickey. However, for that, you will be required to have Steamboat Mickey on higher levels to access and complete the objectives. There are shards of Steamboat Mickey i.e. obtained after reaching the milestone of completing 6 objectives.

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