Anime Champions Simulator- Mythical Swift Turkey Costume Code!

Roblox Anime Champions SimulatorIn the celebration and event of Thanksgiving, Anime Champions Simulator has introduced a new costume that can be obtained by the old and current player base. The devs have been generous and grateful to all the loyal and current players who have stayed together through thick and thin. If you are interested in the new Swift Turkey Costume which is a Mythical costume by the way, then read this short guide to the end.

How To Get Mythical Swift Turkey Costume In Roblox Anime Champions Simulator?

To unlock and use the Mythical Swift Turkey Costume, you will need to simply enter the code and redeem it. The code i.e. required to be entered is “TurkeyDay“!

If you do not know how and where to redeem the code i.e. given then do not worry as we have it covered. To enter the code, you just need to click on the Shop icon to access the store menu.

Under that, there will be a Codes Tab or Menu where you can enter the code to unlock the new costume for your Champions and add it to your inventory. The Swift Turkey Costume has a Swift effect that boosts the attack speed of the wearer by up to 30%. Deal high DPS with all new styles this Thanksgiving.

For more informative guides on Anime Champions Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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