Super Mario RPG Remake three musty fears flag location & reward

Super Mario RPG Remake

In Super Mario RPG Remake, you will find some side quests while exploring different areas. One of the side quests you will find in Monstro Town from the Three Musty Fears is to find three hidden flags. After completing the side quest, you will obtain a special item. Below you will find how to start the side quest, the three flags location, and the special item reward.

Super Mario RPG All Three Musty Fears Flag Location & Reward

To start the quest, you need to visit  Monstro Town and enter the fifth room that has a bed in the middle. On the bed, you can find a note that says “Feel free to rest here ~The Three Musty Fears”. Turn off the mushroom lamp by interacting with it and sleep on the bed.

After that, the Three Musty Fears will appear in your sleep and give you a quest to find three hidden flags in different areas. The locations to find all three flags are:

Dry Bones Flag – This flag can be found in the “Mushroom Kingdom Region”. Teleport to the Mario’s Pad and enter the Mario House. Inside check under the bed to find the Dry Bones Flag.

Greaper Flag – This flag can be found in “Tadpole Pond Region”. Teleport to Rose Town and behind the welcome sign you will find the Greaper Flag.

Boo Flag – The final flag can be found in “Yo’ster Isle Region”. Teleport to the Yo’ster Isle and reach the end of the running track to find the Goal written on the ground. You will find the Boo flag between O and A.

Upon finding all three flags, return to the same room, turn off the lamp, and sleep on the bed again to complete the quest and find the reward. The reward for completing the quest is an item called “Ghost Medal”. This item can be equipped to reduce all damage received by half or increase your defense by 2x.

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