Super Mario RPG Remake frying pan Peach best weapon location

Super Mario RPG Remake

In Super Mario RPG Remake, you will find a lot of weapons while progressing in the game. But there are some best weapons for each character that provide great stats. Acquiring these weapons will help you defeat enemies easily. One such weapon you will find for Peach is the “Frying Pan”.  Below you will find a brief guide on where to find this weapon and how to get it.

Super Mario RPG Remake frying pan Peach best weapon location

To get the frying pan you will need to visit the item shop in Moleville. After clearing the mine area visit the item shop in Moleville and interact with the kid on the left side. He will have some neat stuff to sell and will keep showing you items such as Lucky Jewel, Mystery Egg, and Feather.

You can buy these items for 100, 200, and 250 coins. The fourth item he will offer you to buy is the “Metal Plate”. You can buy the previous three items or pass them up, but to get the best weapon for Peach “Frying Pan”, you need to buy the Metal Plate for 300 coins.

After buying the plate, visit the equipment menu and select Peach. In the weapon menu of Peach, you can find the weapon “Frying Pan”. The frying pan has an attack power of 211, which makes it one of the best weapons for Peach.

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