The Last Faith Statue Puzzle In Drowned Crypt Solution

The Last Faith

In The Last Faith Drowned Crypt area left side of the map in a room, you will find a statue with a riddle. Solve the puzzle by pushing the cubes in the correct order to obtain an item behind a locked gate. Below you will find the location of the puzzle, the riddle, and its solution.

The Last Faith Statue Puzzle In Drowned Crypt Solution

You need to push four cubes in the correct order to solve the riddle and unlock the gate. Behind the gate, you will find an item called “Veil Shade”.¬†Check the image above to find the puzzle location.

The riddle you will find while interacting with the statue is:

“Take¬† up the blade, and cut through the veil:
your heart shall be pierced by a truth unfathomable.
But first, take heed, protect your soul!
At last, the reward is a mind split in two, the cosmos spilling forth.”

At the bottom of the statue, you will find four cubes that need to be pushed near each statue in the correct order. There will be four statues holding a shield, sword, spear, and axe. You need to push the cubes in this order:

  1. First, push to bottom right cube towards the shield.
  2. Second push the top right cube towards the sword.
  3. Third push the top left cube towards the spear.
  4. Finally, push the bottom left cube towards the axe.

To push the cubes you will need an item called “Gravitational Ring“. After pushing the cube in the correct order, the gate will open and you will find the “Veil Shade” item.

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