Super Mario RPG Remake- Location Of Lucky Hammer

Super Mario RPG RemakeSuper Mario RPG Remake is a remake version of the old Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. There are unique items that we will miss during our first playthrough which will be eventually collected after many tries. However, there is a unique weapon that we had ignored in the older version as well as in the remake version of the Super Mario RPG. The Lucky Hammer!

The Lucky Hammer aka Hammer is not a weapon i.e. hard to get but we all have ignored the hammer due to its poor stat, high price and it’s simple name. However, this hammer has a unique feature that no other hammer has. The ability to get Lucky. Therefore, if you are wondering what can Lucky Hammer do or why is it so hyped then we got you covered.

Location Of Lucky Hammer In Super Mario RPG Remake

Lucky Hammer or a Hammer can be purchased in Seaside Town. Enter the shop in Seaside Town which will be accessible after defeating Speardovich. Scroll all over the weapon list and you will find a Hammer listed for 123 coins.

Purchase the Hammer as you might see the description that says A Lucky Hammer! The hammer has the worst stat i.e. do nothing to increase your ATK power which is similar to having no weapon equipped. However, the Lucky Hammer has a nice secret that allows you to Time the attack and get Lucky.

To time the attack, when Mario is going to hit the enemy, press the button at the perfect time to trigger and get Lucky. After timing the attack or getting Lucky, depending on the situation you will deal double the damage, recover HP, or even fill up your Action Gauge. The most important benefit of using the item is that when you get Lucky, there is a chance that a Lucky Flower can appear.

The Lucky Flower can be used to gain extra experience points or additional coins after the battle i.e. similar to the Lucky Jewel. The Hammer is considered to be a secret or unique item due to its nature that it is listed at the stage where most of the players will ignore this weapon and never find its true ability. If you haven’t tried this weapon in your playthrough then open the game and purchase it for only 123 coins at Seaside Town.

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