Super Mario RPG Remake- How To Get Lazy Shell Weapon/Armor

Super Mario RPG RemakeIn Super Mario RPG Remake, there are secret weapons and armor that can be unlocked or obtained after completing certain tasks. One of the overpowered weapons and armor i.e. Lazy Shell can be unlocked after getting two quest items. What are these quest items and whose quest is it? Everything about the quest and where to get the quest items is explained in this guide.

How To Get Lazy Shell Weapon/Armor In Super Mario RPG Remake?

In Rose Town, there is an NPC, Gardener. He requests or wishes to obtain a fast-growing Seed and a special Fertilizer to grow a plant in his room. To get the seed, you will need to defeat Megasmilax. After talking with Beezo, you will find the Seed after interacting with the note.

Next, to look for the Fertilizer your only clue is that Shy Away Clan and Bean Valley. At the Bean Valley, we obtained Seed, moving forward we will come to Nimbus Land. Defeat Valentina and then you can explore Nimbus Land.

There would be an invisible path leading on the right side of the Nimbus Land which will lead you toward Beezo who will hand over the Fertilizer. The invisible path would be close to the house on the right side where Croco was found lurking inside.

Once you have obtained both the items, go back to the Gardener in Rose Town. Talk to him and he will plant the seed and put the fertilizer to grow a plant instantaneously. Climb the plant and you will find two chests that contain a Lazy Shell weapon and armor each.

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