The Last Faith Lucyl Quest, Sea City & Flower Location

The Last Faith

In The Last Faith, there are various NPCs and all of them will have a certain quest that you can complete to unlock achievements or items. One of the NPCs you will encounter in this game is Lucyl who will be looking for a way to find a particular flower for her husband’s grave. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find Lucyl and the flower she is looking for.

The Last Faith Lucyl’s Quest, Sea City & Flower Location

In the City Of Mythringal, you will meet an NPC called “Lucyl” in the cemetery area. Refer to the image above to find the exact location. Upon interacting with Lucyl, you will find out that she is trying to find a flower that can be found in the Sea City.

Lucyl cannot continue her life without knowing her husband at peace. The only way to ensure that and complete the quest is by finding the flower called “Water Well Flower”. The Sea City Lucyl’s been referring to is the “City Of Erlim”.

Check out the image above to find the exact location of the Water Well Flower in the City Of Erlim. The description of Water Well Flowers is “Amongst the unsightly ruins of Erlim, a beauty remains. Pale purple flowers whose roots entwine with the foundation of the city, a common symbol of respect in death for those who remain.

Deeper into the foundations of Erlim below the Water Well, it is said inhuman whispers ripple. Whispers of a person or creature? No one knows.”

After getting the Water Well Flower, return to Lucyl and interact with her to complete the quest. Once completed you will unlock an achievement called “Till Death Do Us Part”.

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