Lethal Company Zap Gun Price & How To Use It

Lethal Company

In Lethal Company you will find various equipment for your survival. The main equipment in the game that you require is a flashlight that helps you navigate in the darkness. One such equipment that helps you to stun monsters is the zap gun. These equipment works on batteries, you can check the battery health on the top left side of the screen shown in a yellow meter. Below you will find where to buy a zap gun, its price, and how it works.

Lethal Company Zap Gun Price & How To Use It

The Zap gun is a survival item designed to help you stun monsters on various moons. However, in the current patch, the zap gun exhibits a bit of instability. You can acquire the zap gun from the ship terminal store for 400 credits, and occasionally, the item goes on sale, providing you with the opportunity to obtain it at a lower price.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the zap gun’s battery can be recharged on the ship. The battery’s charge depletes as you use the gun on monsters. To operate the zap gun, you need to scan the monster in front of you by pressing the left mouse button, causing it to shoot an electric current at the target.

The current may be somewhat unstable, leading it to wobble left and right. To counteract the wobbling effect, you must move your mouse in the opposite direction. Zap guns prove effective for fending off weaker enemies, allowing your teammates to eliminate them using a shovel or stop sign.

Against more formidable foes, the zap gun can stun them for a few seconds, but they will quickly break free and resume attacking. While facing lethal enemies, you can use the zap gun to hold them off, buying time for your crewmates to make a run for the exit with the loot.

Sometimes you need to be careful while using the zap gun as it can target your crewmates instead of the monster. The zap gun might choose the target closest to the gun, so make sure not to point it and shoot at your crewmates.

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