The Last Faith All Stigma Locations & Their Ability

The Last Faith

In The Last Faith, you will various types of weapons, spells, and equipment that will help you progress in the game. Stigma is equipment that grants your character some special ability. There are four Stigma available in the game that you need to find.

One of the Stigma called Lost Mark Of Transcendence is required to progress further in the game and unlock corrupted doors. Below you will find the location of all stigma and their powers.

The Last Faith All Stigma Locations & Their Ability

Stigma of Reprieve Location

The first stigma can be found after defeating the Gaint Patron Boss. This is the first boss you will encounter in the game and after defeating you will unlock an achievement called “Colossus Slayer”.

The stigma of reprieve strikes out attacking enemies to interrupt their attack and restore a portion of your character’s health when equipped. You need to press the required button to activate the stigma that consumes power per use.

Stigma of Protection Location

You will find this item in Telwynill village. Visit the location marked in the image above to find the boss called ” Second Starborn Nighthunter”. After defeating the boss you will obtain the Stigma Of Protection and also unlock an achievement called “Hunter of Hunters”.

The stigma of protection creates a cursed shield that blocks most of the damage when activated. The item will consume power for as long as it’s activated.

Lost Mark of Transcendence Location

Check out our previous guide HERE on how to obtain this stigma. This stigma transforms your character into a powerful beast for a limited time and consumes power. You can press the required button to end this effect early. This equipment is also used to open corrupted Nycrux doors.

Stigma of Catalysis Location

Visit the location marked in the above image in the High Walls of Mythringal to find the Stigma Of Catalysis. It will be an item dropped on the ground that you need to pick up. Upon activating this stigma while equipped your character will gain a temporary boost to all attacks. This equipment consumes power per use.

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