Super Mario RPG Remake- How To Find And Get Nurture Ring

Super Mario RPG RemakeSuper Mario RPG Remake has made its triumphant return and players are already hooked into the game. The better visuals, fight, and story experience make this game very enjoyable whereas there are a few secrets that you must have missed out during your playthrough. Nurture Ring is a character-specific ring which means only a specific character can equip this ring i.e. Princess Peach. How to get the Nurture Ring and what is so special about it?

How To Find And Get Nurture Ring In Super Mario RPG Remake?

Nurture Ring can be obtained or purchased from the vendor in the Marrymore Hotel for 145 coins. Equip the Nurture Ring to Princess Peach. Well, there is something special if you go back and purchase a special item from the Moleville Item Shop.

Purchase a Mystery Egg and once Princess Peach has the Nurture Ring equipped, use Mystery Egg during the battle. The description of a Mystery Egg is “Raise with pure love and a nurtu-ring heart.” whereas for a Nurture Ring, it is “Overflowing with the power of love.

Use Mystery Egg for 10 times while Nurture Ring is equipped and see what happens! The Mystery Egg will pop revealing that you are a Great Shepherd. The item will be replaced with Lamb’s Lure. Lamb’s Lure is only a single target but it can be upgraded to target all enemies. To upgrade the Lamb’s Lure, you will need to use it 48 times in battle.

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