Lethal Company- How To Escape Or Kill Forest Keeper

Lethal CompanyForest Keeper in Lethal Company is a huge monster or guardian found on the map that has Forest and Eclipsed. The Forest Keeper is a persistent monster who can kill any player who will be trapped in his grasp. There are a few ways in which you can encounter them and avoid getting killed. There is a certain way in which you can kill or make him vanish into thin air if performed correctly. Let’s dive in and learn all the possible ways to defend yourself against the sharp-eyed monster.

How To Escape Or Kill Forest Keeper In Lethal Company

The Forest Keeper is deaf but to compensate for that the monster has sharp eyes capable of spotting you from a distance. If the monster spots you then you will hear large footsteps closing in on you which can be avoided if you maintain distance and break the line of sight.

Stun Grenade

Forest Keepers has such a nice vision that you can be spotted even in the foggy areas however, you can take his eyes using a Stun Grenade/Flashbang. The catch is that you cannot throw the Stun Grenade if you are caught. So, make sure that you have a player or party of two to defend against the Forest Keeper by all means and save you by throwing the Stun Grenade at him.


A teleporter can save your life in a nick of time when your member can teleport you back when you are in his grasp. Before you are eaten, your teammate needs to push the button and teleport you back to the ship in safety.

Out Of Reach

The Forest Keeper is huge in size therefore, it has a weakness where he will not be able to reach you at crouchable areas or inside the building obviously. If the Forest Keeper is closing distance then inject TZP-Inhalants into your system and run wildly to seek cover.

The Jetpack is a valuable gear that can let you stay out of the Forest Keeper’s reach. Talking about reach, you will be safe inside the ship but make sure you do not wander around at the edges as it is still within his range.

How To Kill Forest Keeper?

Easily said than done. You are able to kill Forest Keeper by luring him toward an Earth Leviathan. When the Forest Keeper is sprinting towards you, you can take aggro from the Earth Leviathan and force it to jump and eat you. To pull it off, you will require a person on the console to teleport you back into safety. If performed successfully, the Earth Leviathan will swallow the Forest Keeper into the void.

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