Genshin Impact- Basically Purple Teyvat Product Event All Location

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact brought us a new lively event where to help a strange engineer who is currently researching the profound subject of “Graph Adversarial Technology“. Each day you will be required to take 10 Films or photos of certain objects or creatures i.e. required for the research. For day 5, we are required to film basically a purple-colored Tevyat Product. Where can you find it?

Where To Film Basically Purple Tevyat Product Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment In Genshin Impact?

A total of 10 Films are given daily i.e. invested in filming or taking snaps for the required products. Currently, we are required to find a Purple Tevyat Product, and anything that looks like a purple item counts as progress.

Therefore, taking snaps on Amakumo Peak near the teleport waypoint will exhaust your 10 Films and complete the required event. If you have not yet unlocked Serai Island, you can attempt to go to Mondstadt and teleport to Wolvendom.

In Wolvendom, take the path to where you can Commence Trial and beat the Weekly Boss. On the path you will find a bunch of Wolfhooks that you can take snaps of and complete the event challenge for Day 5.

At Narukami Shrine, you can also take snaps of Amethyst Ore, and Sakura Blossoms to progress the event challenge. For more informative guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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