Death Must Die- Tips And Tricks That You Need To Know

Death Must DieDeath Must Die is a roguelike game where your character has to survive and defeat the boss after countless tries. The first rule of the roguelike games is that your character is very soft and weak at the early stage. The more you play, die, and resurrect; your character will get stronger as new equipment, perks or skills can be learned. The game is designed in such a way that it is almost close to impossible if you are aiming to defeat the final boss. So, do not get upset as death has its meaning in the game i.e. gaining experience.

To help your cause, the different gods will offer new skills or blessings to empower your character. Similar to any other game of the same genre, it allows players to experiment with new types of exciting builds. However, the basics should not be forgotten i.e. instead of going for all on attack, your main goal is to survive. The guide assists you and learning important tips and tricks to conquer Death.

Tips And Tricks That You Need To Know For Death Must Die

These are the handful of tips that you need to keep back of your mind as you play if you are hoping to improve and adapt to Death Must Die.

Toggle Auto-Attack And Movement Speed Management

As you begin the game, there is a button that allows you to toggle Auto-Attack ON. It is always best to toggle the Auto-Attack OFF as you would want to select enemies and collect the XP gems while dashing away in safety. Using Attacks affects your walking speed i.e. decreases it considerably.

At a later stage, it is recommended to Toggle Auto-Attack ON. (Depends on your comfortability). If you have turned ON the auto-attack, then you might consider Toggling ON and OFF Auto-Attack to explore the area and hunt all the enemies swiftly. At the beginning when the enemy count is low, it is recommended to attack using your attack button.


Even though the enemies approach you in the hope of consuming a chunk of HP and defeating your character, it is always beneficial to explore the areas. The areas contain loot that is indicated in a yellow dot on your mini-map. You do not want to miss those out!

Leveling Up

Once you level up, there will be an option to select a skill from the given choices. It is always recommended to get a movement-based skill or upgrade of the dash. The dash is one of the important abilities that allows you to escape from the horde of monsters. Getting an upgrade of attack or spells is always better but it is not wise to pass over an opportunity and ability that allows you to literally survive more. The more you survive, the better is the gain.

After that, you can focus on gaining new skills and ability upgrades. In the early phase, you can rack on blessings and build a foundation of skills/spells. It is always recommended to upgrade your existing skill/spell stats instead of getting new skills at the mid or later phase. If it compliments or synergizes your existing skills then you have something cooking. Otherwise, you are wasting an opportunity to make your character strong because the enemies are getting stronger as time passes on.

Boss Fight

The bosses will have a set of moves and patterns that will be used in combat. In the beginning, it will be impossible to defeat an enemy no matter how powerful you are. Instead, you gain experience battling in and out whereas recognizing all attack patterns the more you survive in the current and previous runs. Therefore, in the boss fights you will find yourself dodging more and keeping your health in check rather than going all in to delete yourself.

There will be an opportunity where the Boss will space out or reveal an opening where you can sneak multiple attacks without any worry. Once you defeat the boss, you will get powerful gears and a load of Exp points to level up necessarily to counter stronger foes from there on.

Equipment & Perks

Gearing a character is always important to get a stat and utility boost in the entire run from the early to the end phase. There are different types of characters and each character has separate gears. It is a no-brainer that a base character who has pieces of equipment equipped is always stronger than the base character who has nothing equipped. The difference between both of them will be revealed when you enter the run.

Perks are unlocked after playing a specific character and achieving a certain milestone with it. New perks will be unlocked that can be equipped in order to ease your run. Therefore, the game heavily rewards you, as you spend time on your run. Focus on completing the Achievement which is a clear goal to get your character massive buffs.

Always make a habit of reading the stats of your character and what are its benefit. This allows you to plan and achieve any type of build you are going for. Know thyself before the Death Must Die.

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