Death Must Die- How To Unlock All Characters

Death Must DieIn Death Must Die, there would be only one character who would be all alone fighting against the horde of enemies. However, as you keep on playing and reaching certain milestones, new characters will join your group. There are a total of 7 playable characters i.e. including Avaron. So, if you are wondering how to unlock all 7 characters then read this guide to the end.

How To Unlock All Characters In Death Must Die?

Apparently, the first 5 characters will be unlocked automatically after playing the game multiple times. There is no specific locked condition except the number of times you need to play the previously unlocked character to unlock Merris, Nixi, Front, and Skadi. However the final 2 characters i.e. Reaper and Valkyrie need to be unlocked after accomplishing feats.

Avoron, The Knight

Unlocked from the beginning, the Avoron has better stat on defense and as the game progresses and you upgrade, Knight will be quite formidable against the tougher enemies as he will get tankier. Equipped with Heavy armor and a sword, the melee combatant is a durable and relentless unit.

Merris, The Sorceress

The range character will be unlocked automatically after a certain number of games have been played. The Sorceress is equipped with light armor and staffs to perish all the monsters in the area.

Nixi, The Assassin

The melee character who is equipped with light armor and daggers is quite agile and deals high damage to the target. The attack rate of the Assassin is quite better compared to other classes.

Kront, The Barbarian

Another melee character is equipped with heavy armor, therefore he is tankier than others. However, what makes Kront unique is he wields an axe that is capable of dealing AOE damage around him.

Skadi, The Warrior

Skadi is a melee character equipped with medium armor and a Greatsword. The warrior can dish out more damage and has high movement speed compared to the Knight however, as medium armor is equipped Skadi cannot become quite as tanky as Avoron or Kront.


To unlock the Reaper, you will need to complete the game in any difficulty. Weilder of the Scythe, the Reaper can absolutely dominate the closed-range combat.


To unlock the Valkyrie, you will need to complete all the achievements 100%. Valkyrie wields a shield which is her main weapon. However, that is not all as Spells can be conjured to spell DOOM on the enemies. Having a high defensive and offensive stat, Valkyrie deems to be the final character to breeze into the Nether smoothly.

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