The Last Faith Lady Annika & Lady Helenya Quest Guide

The Last Faith

In The Last Faith, you will meet various types of NPC who will offer you some quests. You need to explore all the areas and solve these quests to obtain some secret items. Two such NPC you will encounter in this game are “Lady Annika” and “Lady Helenya”.

After completing Lady Annika’s quest you will unlock an achievement called “Bell Of The Ball” and completing Lady Helenya’s quest will unlock “The Blessed Teacup”. You will also get a “Restricted Key” after completing Lady Helenya’s quest and can unlock the secret hidden room in Oxnevyelle’s Manor. Below you will find a brief walkthrough to complete both quests.

The Last Faith Lady Annika Quest

You need to find Lady Annika in the City Of Mythringal. You can find the exact location marked in the image above. Interact with her and you can find her later in Oxnevyelle’s Manor.

Then progress the game till you reach the City of Erlim. Then visit the location marked in the image above to find an NPC called “Veiled Maiden”. After interacting, head back to Oxnevyelle’s Manor and talk to Lady Annika to complete the quest.

Note: Lady Annika’s quest is also related to one of the games True Ending.

Lady Helenya Quest

You can find Lady Helenya in the Broken Pass area and in front of the Oxnevyelle’s Manor. Stand near the left side of the statue in Oxnevyelle’s Manor to find a prompt to get out. There you will find Lady Helenya.

After interacting with her, visit the location marked in the image above to find an item called “The Blessed Teacup”. Visit Lady Helenya after getting the item and give it to her to complete the quest. To reach The Blessed Teacup you will need the grappling claw. The secret place in Oxnevyelle’s Manor is located in the top right room. Unlock the door using the Restricted Key and break the fake wall to find another NPC.

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