Super Mario RPG Remake- Monstro Town Key & Where To Use It

Super Mario RPG RemakeIn Super Mario RPG Remake, there are hidden chests and locations that need to be found in order to progress or unlock the areas. There are certain key items that make you wonder what are its purpose and use of it. Similarly, the golden key found in Monstro Town is placed in such an area that it is impossible to reach. There is a certain way to get the golden key which is also known as Temple Key. What will be the key used for?

How To Get Monstro Town Key In Super Mario RPG Remake?

Taking reference from the “Welcome” signboard, the golden-colored key can be found on top of the second door. To get the Golden Key aka the Temple Key, you will be required to get inside the door and talk to the spiked stone

The spiked stone will stomp on the floor, shaking the ground and camera. The quake will slowly move the Temple Key toward the edge. Talk to the spiked stone for 7-8 times and the Temple Key will be displaced to the ground.

Where To Use The Temple Key?

Once you have obtained the Temple Key, you will need to enter the Belome Temple and progress forward. Next to the Shaman, you will notice a golden statue of Belome hanging on the wall. If you have noticed then the shape of the tongue changes when you enter or exit the room. While going back to the elevator, hit the tongue of Belome which should be outside, and elongated.

After hitting the tongue, the mouth will close rolling its tongue back and revealing a note. The note says “Sorry, I’m not accepting visitors past my bedtime.” Take the elevator down and you will be teleported to a room where Golden Belome is guarding the room.

Give him the key i.e. Temple Key which will be consumed by the Golden Belome. In return, he will let you have multiple items and frog coins that are placed in the room. To be noted that the Temple Key is not a key item i.e. required to unlock an important door or path for the story. For more informative guides on Super Mario RPG Remake, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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