Super Mario RPG Remake- Location Of Princess Peach’s Crown

Super Mario RPG Remake

In Super Mario RPG Remake, Princess Peach is in a dire situation where her crown is lost due to the strong impact made by Mario and Bowser. She is pretty upset and the wedding is at a halt. Upon arriving at Marrymore, you can’t enter through the main door. Once you enter the church, you will eventually meet Booster and Princess Peach together in the church hall. However, the key items are missing that also including Princess Peach’s crown. In this guide, we have explained how to get all the items and unlock a secret cutscene.

Location Of Princess Peach’s Crown In Super Mario RPG Remake

At the wedding hall, you will notice that everyone is in a hurry. Snifters have collected 3 out of 4 items i.e. Ring, Brooch, and Shoes. There is a hidden cutscene that requires you to complete the quest by returning all 4 items quickly before all the candle lights are lit.

Talk to each Snifster in order to collect the Ring, Brooch, and Shoes. Approach Princess Peach, and look over Booster’s head. Why does Booster have a crown? Doesn’t it resemble Princess Peach’s crown?

Jump over his head to collect Princess Peach’s crown and talk to Booster. Now you are on time and saved the princess who was in distress. For more informative guides on Super Mario RPG Remake, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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