Super Mario RPG Remake- How To Reach Bean Valley

Super Mario RPG RemakeSometimes path and route seems to be impossible to navigate in Super Mario RPG Remake when there are lots of things to keep up with. There are hidden chests, puzzles, and key items that need to be recovered. Even the Land’s End is an area that leads to both Bean Valley and Monstro Town from the same location i.e. Belome Temple. If you are searching for the way to Bean Valley, check this guide.

How To Reach Bean Valley In Super Mario RPG Remake?

Enter the Land’s End and progress ahead revealing hidden treasures in the environment. After crossing the rocky type of area at the beginning, you will enter the forest area. Cross the bridge and you will ultimately reach the desert area.

In this area, you will notice a hole in the sand. The holes in the sand are connecting tunnels that will lead you to different areas of the Land’s End. Finally, if you have explored everything, eventually there will be a hole that will lead you to the Belome Temple.

Enter the Belome Temple and talk to the Shaman who will be standing on the springboard. Give 100 coins to the Shaman which will unlock the shortcut back to the surface.

It is not a common shortcut, rather this path will lead you to the edge of the Land’s End. Take the shortcut to the surface and on the top left part of the area will have a route that will take you to the Land’s End.

There would be multiple flying Paratroopa or flying ducks i.e. used to climb all the way to the top. Simply walk and wait to jump onto the next duck. Repeat the process and you will reach the top in no time. You will receive a Troopa Medal as a reward. Collect and advance to reach Bean Valley.

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