Super Mario RPG Remake- Entrance Of Wedding Hall, Marrymore

Super Mario RPG RemakeIn Super Mario RPG Remake, you cannot enter the town of Marrymore without entering the church. However, the front entrance of the church is blocked making it tough to search and enter. The back entrance which was a point of interest is nowhere to be found. Where can we find the back entrance? How do we get inside the Wedding Hall in Marrymore? How to enter the wedding hall that seems to be locked tightly? Read it to the end, so that you will learn what is needed to be done.

How To Enter Or Get Inside The Wedding Hall In Marrymore At Super Mario RPG Remake?

At Marrymore, Snifster No. 1 will not let anyone inside the church from the front entrance whereas the back entrance is still open. However, it will not be visible due to the camera angle. Walk to the right side of the church and you will notice a box or crate found on the side of the church. Walk opposite from the crate i.e. straight towards the wall which is not visible due to the camera angle of the game.

After entering through the church or wedding hall, advance forward where you will meet Snifster. He will repeatedly run towards the door i.e. shut closed. Start running with Snifster to assist him in breaking the door together.

Next, start running together with Bowser to hit the door and unlock it. This will push all Snifster along with Princess Peach and Booster to hit the altar. The items from the Princess would be scattered around in the wedding hall that need to be found and delivered quickly. Everything is straight and simple until it comes to Princess Peach’s crown.

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