Remnant 2 The Awakened King- How To Get Paper Heart

Remnant 2In Remnant 2 The Awakened King, there is a secret chamber or room in the Chamber of the Faithless that requires a certain key to unlock the door. Behind the door, there are notes/documents that relay information about its single resident. In the same room, you will find a relic i.e. Paper Heart on the stand. However, the task is not simple as you will need to find the key to unlock the chamber. All the tasks i.e. required to complete are mentioned in this guide.

How To Get Paper Heart In Remnant 2 The Awakened King?

To get access to the secret Royal Scribe in the Chamber of the Faithless, you will be required to find Bookbound Medallion. The Bookbound Medallion can be found after interacting with the Misplaced Memoir.

Remnant 2 The Awakened King- Misplaced Memoir Quest Guide

Next, you will be required to find the room or chamber of the Royal Scribe. Use the Medallion to unlock the door and enter the chamber to discover the secret of Leywise. His identity and the reason behind it. In the chamber of Royal Scribe, you will find the Paper Heart relic that heals up to 100% over 0.25s. A stack is earned after getting healed for 10% and the stack can be removed after killing enemies. Moreover, the stack will be applied for 15 seconds and 10% of health will be lost for each stack count.

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