Remnant 2 The Awakened King- All Leywise Secret Rewards

Remnant 2

In Remnant 2 The Awakened King, we have a key figure Leywise who greets us at the early stage of the new DLC. The mysterious Leywise has its book of secrets introduced in The Awakened King. The specific quest item i.e. Misplaced Memoir will lead you to various interactions and choices that will affect your secret reward. All the secret rewards obtained from Leywise are listed in this guide and how to obtain them.

All Leywise Secret Rewards That You Get In Remnant 2 The Awakened King

Firstly, we all know that in this game; choices matter the most. Each quest item has different endings which will be reflected by the rewards that have been earned. The secret rewards that can be obtained after completing all the endings or interactions with the Royal Scribe Leywise are:

Paper Heart (Relic)

A relic that heals for up to 100% of current health over 0.25s. After restoring per 10% of health will earn you 1 stack. Each stack removes 10% of health after 15 seconds. To remove the stack, kill enemies. To obtain the Paper Heart relic, you will need to enter the Royal Scribes chamber i.e. located in the Chamber of the Faithless.

Burden of the Sciolist (Ring)

The ring allows the wearer to increase Mod and Skill Damage by 15% at the expense of reducing ammo reserves by 25%. To obtain the Burden of the Sciolist, you will need to return the Bookbound Medallion while brewing a specific type of conversation.

Ring of Infinite Damage (Ring)

The ring allows the wearer to increase the fire rate by 8%. To unlock the Ring of Infinite Damage, you will be required to play with Leywise interest.

Index of the Scribe (Amulet)

The amulet allows the wearer to increase the mod and skill weak spot damage by 35%. To unlock or obtain the Index of the Scribe, hand over the Misplaced Memoir to Leywise in the same condition you found it originally.

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