The Last Faith How To Destroy Corrupted Nycrux Doors

The Last Faith

The Last Faith is a Metroidvania game where all the areas are interconnected with each other. Each area has different types of enemies, puzzles, and obstacles that you will encounter. There are various weapons and equipment that are hidden in these areas.

To progress in the game and reach higher platforms you will need to find these hidden equipment. You will also encounter some locked doors in the form of spectral mirrors or corrupted doors. To open the corrupted Nycrux door you will need equipment called “Lost Mark Of Transcendence”. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find this item.

The Last Faith How To Destroy Corrupted Nycrux Doors

The “Lost Mark Of Transcendence” can be found in the Liturgical Pass area as marked in the image above. There you will encounter a boss called “The Burnt Apostate“. Defeating this boss will unlock an achievement called “Ashes Of the Burned“.

After defeating progress toward the right to find a Heart Of Nycrux. You need to collect 4 Heart of Nycrux (Sepolcro) and one Corrupted Heart of Nycrux to unlock an achievement called “A Promise Broken”.

After getting the heart go towards the room on the right to find the “Lost Mark Of Transcendence“. With this item, you can destroy the door corrupted by Nycrux. The description of the item:

“A forbidden Stigma from which spark a blade of aversion. Whoever manages to harness her power taps directly into the essence of Nycrux and accelerates the assimilation process into the body. This risky choice creates a temporary alteration to one’s physical processes and manifests the bloodthirsty and deadly beast that truly lurks within.”

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