Super Mario RPG Remake- How To Get Sunken Ship Code

Super Mario RPG RemakeIn Super Mario RPG Remake, the area of Sunken Ship will lead you through different doors and eventually take you to the room where you will need to find 6 Key letters. If you have completed all the puzzles on your way, the note will be dropped which will provide you a hint for the password required ahead. Read it to the end to learn about all the hints and 6 key letter passwords that you are searching for.

How To Get And What Is The Sunken Ship Code In Super Mario RPG Remake?

To obtain hints or notes, there are various types of puzzles that include activating the green-colored button, chasing down the coin, and guiding the cannonball. After solving all the puzzles, you will get a note in each room that gives us a hint.

All 6 Puzzle Room Hints

There are a total of 6 puzzle room that has 6 different types of notes that points out the keyword you are searching for. The hints are:

  1. There is an “s” in the word.
  2. It is found on the bed of the ocean.
  3. It has two vowels.
  4. It is very valuable.
  5. It” is actually a “they.”
  6. The “R” comes before the “L.”

With these hints, you will progress and enter the room where 6 boxes with different alphabets are listed. Breaking down the hints, every piece of evidence or hints leads you to a certain object i.e. found on the bed of the ocean. The 6 key letters are P-E-A-R-L-S.  Hit the boxes to arrange the word Pearls and look inside the speaker to unlock the door.

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