Super Mario RPG Remake- 30+ Points Easy In Goomba Thump

Super Mario RPG RemakeThe classic Goomba Thumping game from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars returns to Super Mario RPG Remake. With better visuals and control, the game is better than ever. After securing a high score, you will be rewarded every time you break your record. If you are looking to beat and secure over 30 points then check the method i.e. explained in this guide.

How To Get Goomba Thump Minigame In Super Mario RPG Remake?

Once you have completed Chapter 2 by defeating the Bowyer, you will be able to enter Yo’ster Isle through the World Map. There you will find the classic green pipe to enter the Pipe Vault. Progress ahead and enter the pipe to reveal a series of pipes. Enter the 5th pipe to start the minigame Goomba Thump.

Goomba Thump is a Whac-A-Mole type of game where you need to hit a mole (Goomba) and golden mole (Goomba) that increases your points. The rewards that will be obtained from the Goomba Thumping would be a Flower Tab, a Flower Jar, and Frog Coins. After each succession of 2 points since 20+ points, you will be awarded a reward. Therefore instead of securing the high score early, take it slow and farm Frog Coins.

How To Get Over 30 Points For Goomba Thump?

To aim for a high score or reach the target, start by chaining jumps and prioritize the golden Goomba. While standing at the center always watch for the Goomba to appear or pop out. Focus on the two relatively close pipes and get ready to jump and direct Mario on it whenever you see a brown Goomba popping out.

For the latter pipes, you will need to react to the color and shape of Goomba. If you land on Spikey, a point will be deducted. It is recommended to jump quickly in order to land fast and chain 2 Goomba easily. The Gold Goomba will hide fast so make a run for it first whenever you see it pop out from the pipes and chain it with other brown Goomba.

At a 40-second mark, you will get 30+ points in no time if you are prioritizing the Gold Goomba and avoiding all the Spikeys. For more informative guides on Super Mario Remake RPG, check the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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