Roblox Blade Ball- How To Defeat Serpent Boss Solo & Join Clan?

Roblox Blade BallThe Roblox Blade Ball is a unique version of the dodgeball game where players need to deflect the ball and hit the others with the homing ball to eliminate them. To increase the difficulty, each time the ball is deflected, it gains more momentum and speed. Unique weapons and abilities can be equipped to complement your playstyle and disrupt other player’s timing.

The all-new Live Event has been introduced that involves defeating a World Serpent Boss who flings the ball at all the participants and forces us to fight against each other. The players are divided into different party members. The party members can be random if you are joining the event solo.

Pre-existing parties can also join to play and enjoy the event with your friends. The goal is to defeat the Serpent boss to claim unique and iconic rewards with unique finisher effects. What do we need to do in order to defeat the serpent boss solo and get the rewards?

How To Defeat World Serpent Boss Solo In Roblox Blade Ball?

The Serpent is an indestructible boss currently at least which has a single goal in his mind i.e. to let other ballers fight against each other. The last man standing will get the reward. To make it easier, this event can be played on a private server and you will need 2 people on the server to start the event.

If you are solo then you can create an Alt account and join the private server with your alt account. You can control the outcome and you will be the only one to emerge victorious in this process and collect the rewards. However, we know that in the end to resurrect the Serpent boss, you will need a clan.

At the time of writing, the clan system is not implemented currently. However, there is news that the clan system will be released and introduced on the next week. Therefore, you can aim to create a clan or join a clan of veteran Blade ballers and defeat the World Serpent Boss for more awesome rewards.

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