The Last Faith Location Of Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw

The Last Faith

In The Last Faith, while exploring various areas you will find some pathways are blocked and won’t be accessible. It can be a closed door or a platform so high that you won’t be able to reach it. These pathways can be unlocked by finding some special equipment that will help you traverse all areas easily. One such equipment will be “Nighhunter’s Grappling Claw”. Below you will find a brief guide on the location of this equipment and how to get it.

The Last Faith Location Of Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw

The Nighhunter’s Grappling Claw is the equipment used to reach high platforms that have a face-like structure with a grappling ring. To get the Nighhunter’s Grappling Claw, you need to reach the Drowned Crypt area and defeat the boss “Edwyn the Shadowscourge Horror”.

This boss is an undead dragon and you can find him at the location shown in the image above. Defeating the boss will also unlock an achievement called “The Crypt Horror”. Once the boss is defeated, go towards the room on the left side to find a treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest, you will find the Nighhunter’s Grappling Claw.

After obtaining this equipment you will unlock an achievement called “The Long Arm Of Nova”. The description of the grappling claw is “I have learned of a plot charged with vengeance… and I am close… so close. Tracking a trail of blood, not from one, but from many…the drip, drip, drip of steady resentment.

It will not be long until it becomes more powerful than even it imagined… no one will be able to stop it . For now, the secret of its existence is mine to keep.” To use the Nighhunter’s Grappling Claw, you need to stand under a grappling ring and press the equipment button.

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