The Last Faith How To Get Rift Of Blood Heavy Katana

The Last Faith

In The Last Faith to find the “Rift Of Blood” weapon, you will have to find four chalice to sacrifice blood that will summon an altar in front of a statue. After interacting with the altar you will be teleported to a room full of items. Inside the third treasure box, you will find the heavy katana. Below you will find the location of the chalice and Altar to find the weapon.

The Last Faith How To Get Rift Of Blood Heavy Katana

In the area “Damned Ruins Of The Osseus Fortress”, you will have to find four hidden chalices and interact with them to sacrifice blood and activate it. These chalices are hidden behind fake walls that you need to break to reach them.

1st Pedestal Location

Before reaching the pedestal location you will have to fight with multiple enemies.

2nd Pedestal Location

Before reaching this location you will fight multiple enemies and a boss “Voracious Terror”. After fighting the boss on the right side room you will find the pedestal. You will also unlock an achievement called “Terror Of Illygarth”.

3rd Pedestal Location

For this, you need to take the elevator and go down to find a checkpoint From there keep going left side and you will find the 3rd pedestal as marked in the image above.

4th Pedestal Location

The fourth and final pedestal is hidden behind a fake wall. You need to break the fake wall as marked in the image above and go towards the right side to defeat a few enemies. After that, you will find the final pedestal.

After activating all four chalices you need to visit the location marked in the image above. There you will find the altar that you need to interact with. Before reaching each pedestal you will face a lot of enemies and sometimes mini-bosses. These enemies can be a bit tough to kill and you will need health potions to survive to battle.

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